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Gluten free cauliflower frittersBy GI Health ResourceThese gluten free fritters will fill you up and give you plenty of energy great as a meal or just a one at a time snack.
Easy & Quick Guacamole dipBy GI Health ResourceThis quick and easy guacamole dip is fresh and tangy. Use as a dip for vegetables, gluten free crackers, on turkey burgers and more.
Crispy Kale Veggie ChipsBy GI Health ResourceThis is one way to make kale delicious and a regular part of your diet. Easy to make with a big reward, these light snacks are more filling than you think.
Dehydrated Oven Dried Banana Chip TreatsBy GI Health ResourceThese tasty treats end up as tangy sweet chewy treats! Unlike the store bought crunchy dehydrated banana chips that are fried, these ones dry out enough while staying chewy.
Sugar free gluten free crispy rice barsBy GI Health ResourceThese crispy rice bars are gluten free and sugar free. A perfect treat for kids and adults alike! This easy to make recipe will have you crunching and saying mmmmmmm before you know it.
Gluten Free Sugar Free Pancakes Mix from ScratchBy GI Health ResourceThese pancakes cook golden and are delicious when eaten immediately!!!! They taste really good and are fluffier than expected. We suggest mixing a big batch of the dry ingredients together at once by using our yield calculator below (Triple the servings) and keeping it on hand for easy baking in the future!
Gluten Free Pancakes with fresh raspberry honey sauceBy GI Health ResourceThese gluten free pancakes are fluffy and taste close to traditional wheat based pancakes. They are sugar free and we show you how to create a decadent fresh raspberry sauce with honey instead of sugar.
Carrot Chips – Baked not FriedBy GI Health ResourceSimple and healthy. This is an excellent way to replace fried potato chips from your diet and still have a crunchy snack!